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Bed level

Bed Level

For this panel to appear in the menu [bed_screws] or [screws_tilt_adjust] need to be defined in Klipper config (printer.cfg)


The corner buttons in KlipperScreen place the nozzle above the screw to do the "paper test".

When [screws_tilt_adjust] is defined a couple of things happen:

  • A button named "Screws adjust" appears, it runs SCREWS_TILT_CALCULATE when is pressed, and reports the amount to be adjusted into the labels of the corner buttons.
  • [bed_screws] is now ignored by KlipperScreen. (explained below)
  • The corner buttons are now [screws_tilt_adjust] coordinates with the probe offset applied. (explained below)

Why [bed_screws] are ignored/not used?

[screws_tilt_adjust] positions with offset will be used over [bed_screws], because if the probe offset is changed or the difference between [bed_screws] and [screws_tilt_adjust] wasn't calculated correctly, the "Screws adjust" button stops working correctly.

Why the probe offset is applied to [screws_tilt_adjust]?

Because the corner buttons in KlipperScreen should place the nozzle above the screw to do the "paper test". It doesn't affect the function of SCREWS_TILT_CALCULATE, which will go to the defined positions.


No, but you can achieve the same thing by using the corner buttons and going in a circle pattern adjusting until desired. BED_SCREWS_ADJUST is just a helper that moves to the screws in sequence


The panel doesn't support more than 9 screws or grids bigger than 3x3.


The layout can be rotated if the screen is not directly in front of the machine. in the printer configuration you would add screw_rotation: 90 Valid values are 0 90 180 270


The layout will be inverted if an axis is inverted in the move panel

Is there an alternative?

If you have a reliable probe, define [bed_mesh] in Klipper config, remove the springs and use some thread-locker or locking nuts to fix the bed to the gantry, let the probe do a mesh save it and forget about this.