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Create Translations

You can use an editor such as poedit to assist in translations. This guide will assume that you will be using poedit.

This guide will refer to language designation. This can be found from running echo $LANG on your pi, as long as you have set your pi up for your preferred language.

New Language

  • Select Create a new translation or File -> New from POT/PO and select ks_includes/locals/KlipperScreen.pot.
  • Enter your language designation.
  • Create the translations
  • Save the file as ks_includes/locales/{LANGUAGE DESIGNATION}/KlipperScreen.po.
  • Select File -> Compile to MO. Save this file as ks_includes/locales/{LANGUAGE DESIGNATION}/

Once you have followed those steps, as long as your pi is set up for your preferred language, KlipperScreen will automatically use the translations provided in the file. KlipperScreen currently does not detect RTL languages, but support for RTL is planned in the near future.

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