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This article describes how to use KlipperScreen through a remote connection.


The experience may not be equal to run KlipperScreen natively. Depending on the device or the network you may encounter performance degradation or other issues.

On the Host device:

The host device could be for example a Raspberry Pi

  1. First install KlipperScreen
  2. Install a vnc server package, for example:

    sudo apt install tigervnc-standalone-server

  3. Create ~/KlipperScreen/scripts/

    # Use display 10 to avoid clashing with local X server, if any
    Xtigervnc -rfbport 5900 -noreset -AlwaysShared -SecurityTypes none :10&


    To change resolution add: -geometry 1280x720 to the arguments of Xtigervnc

  4. Make the script executable

    chmod +x ~/KlipperScreen/scripts/

  5. Restart KlipperScreen or reboot the system:

    sudo systemctl restart KlipperScreen.service

  6. On KlipperScreen set the following configuration:

Turn off DPMS and Display timeout:


On the remote device:

  1. Install a VNC viewer and configure it to the ip of the host.
Example using an iPad

Example using an iPad

  • Install a VNC viewer for example: RealVNC Viewer: Remote Desktop
Prevent unwanted rotation of UI:
  • Go to Settings > General > Set Use side switch to to Lock Rotation
Avoid accidentally switching between apps:
  • Go to Restrictions > Set passcode > Enable restrictions.
  • Open
  • Triple-click "Home" button
  • Guided access pops up
  • Press "Start"
  • Now iPad is locked to VNC viewer until "Guided access" mode is disabled by triple-clicking "Home" button and entering the password.
On the VNC viewer:
  • Press "+" button at the top right
  • Enter IP address of your print host.
  • Press "Save"
  • Select "Interaction", select "Touch panel", go back
  • Press "Done"
  • Double-click on an icon with IP address you have just added.
  • VNC client will complain about unencrypted connection. Disable the warning and say "Connect"
  • Use or skip tutorial
  • Press the "Pin" icon to hide the panel.
  • Enjoy!